Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spring "Delights"

Such an endearing creature, this cute baby deer!! So innocent-looking........................HA!! This fawn is none other than one of the newest members of our neighborhood's notorious BAMBI'S GANG. Every spring the deer munch their way around our yard, ending up by the front porch for a yummy dessert of my roses.
When my family first moved here we loved watching the deer. So many--and so tame! After a couple of years we began to discover their habits. And what habits they have turned out to be--------like the fact that a couple of their favorite paths begin at the old apple tree behind our house. From here they eat their way around to the front nibbling hostas and various young, tender shoots of other interesting plants. Ignoring our fenced in dog.
These naughty guys have been known to jump the chainlink fence around our vegee garden and eat all the tops of young tomato plants (tomatoes?!). One year a fawn decided to have sleepovers by the same garden. So cute-------and so bad!! Then there was the time the gang ate the tops of all my coneflowers and rudebekia--plants they usually leave alone. But they always attack the roses --my favorite--at some point!! Various attempts have been made to deter them, and none have worked 100%. The past few years they've only attacked once or twice, and I can live with that. I have enough plants that they only eat a few and depart, alerting me to put strong-smelling soap out to save the rest.
This year the gang has been especially naughty!! First they munched away most of my tulips..........usually they leave at least half of them. Next they executed an early attack on my roses..........devastating! They left ONE bush. And a couple buds on another. One would think they are desperate for food, but that could not possibly be the case. We have had plenty of precipitation, and last year there were floods! Perhaps there are just more of them. Could it be that the good supply of food has kept them healthier and they are multiplying like rabbits.........and have spread the word about our deer treats? "Run........hurry up and get your share, guys..........before they are gone!!" I think it is time for the "big gun", our DOG. to get him to tinkle on EVERY bush?!
Meanwhile I take walks along the parkway behind our home, observe the deer and think how cute they are. Just for that moment. Just like all the cars full of DW -deerwatchers- that pull over, park, and ooh and ah over the GANG members. If only they knew what they were really up to!!

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