Sunday, November 22, 2009

November's Palette

      A week ago I grabbed my camera just in case I found something interesting to photograph during my morning walk with the dog.  I was not hopeful.  The trees had lost their leaves and it was November--very brown and gray.  The sun was shining  and I thought if nothing else, I can take a picture of the blue sky.
     This morning I repeated my efforts and found some lovely shapes and spots of color which are posted below.  I pondered how pretty a few red leaves or berries are at this time of year in contrast to summertime when they are swallowed up in an abundance of bright colors.  I  noticed the intriguing shapes of naked trees and found abandoned nests on barren branches. I observed that dead leaves and weeds are not just brown and beige but many variations of such.   
     A memory involving Mozart surfaced. After I received my undergraduate degree I took a graduate level class about Classical music.  I anticipated that I would have to listen to many Mozart compositions and be able to identify them by ear.   That was going to be very difficult as I believed they all sounded similar--how would I be able to tell them apart?  I was relieved and pleased to discover that as I listened to my assignments my ears began to distinguish many differences in Mozart's works. It was a bit like my experience with color on the parkway.  Once the rich, lush sounds and textures of late Romantic music were gone I began to focus on the more limited palette of Classical music and found many variations therein.  It was a rich experience.

      These were taken near my home on November 15, 2009



     The following were taken today, Nov. 22, 2009/ Parkway

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