Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Choir is Singing

     On my parkway walk this morning I heard a favorite spring sound as I approached a pond.  Frogs.  Singing in unison.  ZILLIONS of them.  I thought, "I'm not into frogs, but I wonder how many memories I have that involve them?".  So I began a list just for fun..............and it grew and grew........and here it is.  Maybe some day I will isolate a few for future posting.

  1.   Learning about them in elementary know, tadpoles and beyond.
  2.   Searching for toads (because we did not have a pond )
     3.    Finding a toad and wondering if I would get warts from  touching it.                                                
     4.    Many years ago, while taking a night-time  drive around the lake with my aunt,  we observed many frogs on the road...hopping or squashed.  Like a plague of them....really weird.
     5.    Frog dissection in high school
     6.    The popular demonstration of a wiggling, but beheaded frog.  Such a joy...only in high school!
     7.    Eating frog legs at my girlfriend's house when I was in high school.  Yup--they tasted like white meat chicken.
     8.    Frog gummy bears...a favorite of one of my son's friends.
     9.    My oldest son's poison frog collection from the zoo store
     10.   Watching demo of a frog working out on gym equipment it's was on a TV show many years ago.  Really.  Really.  True story...really.
     11.   Leap frog
     12.   The frog aria from Bozo On the Farm (I used to be able to copy it)
     13.   When I was REALLY young my mother would hold me on her lap and sing a frog song....and periodically surprize me by dropping me down a was really fun.  "Gunk Gunk (you must sound like a frog) went the big bull fro-og, Gunk Gunk went the little froggy , too.etc. (continued it with my kids).
     14.   "A frog, he would a wooing go, a hmmm, a hmmm,"  etc.
     15.   Frog and Toad stories (I read these to my children)
     16.   The Frog Prince
     17.   Singing frog from some animated movie
     18.   My mother had a small collection of frog decor......classy ones.
     19.   My mother's whimsical porcelain frog hangs on our bathroom wall. It helps me remember her (well, it  sounds like a strange place to be reminded of my mother...but it always hung in her bathroom with a flower stuck in its mouth.  She didn't like it's wide open mouth, I guess).
     20.   Frog beany babies (for my children).  Cute.
     21.   Saw two squashed frogs while on my walk this AM.  Yuck
     22.   Toads in our yard and garden
     23.   My post "Frolicsome Frogs"
     24.   Wind in the Willows
     25.   Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Disneyland)
     26.   My husband does a very funny version of Mrs. wide-mouthed frog and her videos!!

     All this from hearing frogs sing?!  Who knew there were so many frogs in my about you?!
     A fun exercise to loosen up memories................maybe I will add more later.

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