Monday, August 16, 2010

A Musiolarant

     While running an errand this morning at a Target store I had an unpleasant experience that is becoming more and more common.  I was in a hurry and chose the most convenient and shortest check out line.  While waiting I observed that the female clerk's right arm was covered in multi-colored tatoos and her face had multiple piercings.  I thougnt "Oh no, not another store with this....." .
     I find the look sleezy (my stomach was churning), and extremely offensive and out of place on anyone working with the public.  It turns people off....probably much more than businesses realize. Maybe the fault of the "silent majority".........?
     I held my place because I was in a hurry and decided I would not look directly at her.  Maybe this sounds silly, but I was not feeling well!  I was pleasantly surprized to discover that this girl was very sweet, cheerful, and helpful.  I would never have guessed this by her appearance....we judge by appearances whether fair or not.
     On the way home I noted that in spite of her wonderful personality the experience was offensive.  I do not plan to return to that store. 
     For me the experience cheapened Target.  I thought Target was a cut above as far as discount stores go, but that apparently is not always true. Visible tattoos/piercings  are unprofessional and reflect poorly on the employer.  In my opinion they are part of the "slut-look" that many young female rockers have perpetuated.  It is very cheapens women and gets young men all "riled up".  And we expect teens to behave themselves.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......     It is all so goofy........what is happening to females?!  Why do we let the entertainment world influence us in such a manner?! 
     Well, I have decided that maybe a few well crafted complaints might help. If nothing else I can say that  I tried! So I have begun.

UPDATE May 2016
I will not shop Target anymore.  I want a bathroom just for women (and that might be hard to find in the future since privacy is losing it's value....!!!!!!!!!).

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