Sunday, September 26, 2010


     Last week I attempted a blog with this title and failed to come up with enough ideas, so I changed it.  After some thought I will try again....    Below are some of my connections to the color purple (not the movie...).  Maybe it will inspire you to do a similar conjures up interesting memories!

1.  Purple Dragons.  When I was a teen I enjoyed a popular song by Allan Sherman called Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.  It was a humorous song based on music from
Ponchielli's Dance of the Hours.  I was given a recording of several silly songs by Allan Sherman.  I loved that record and memorized the words to a few songs.  One of my favorites was about a psychoanalyst; one of the few lines I remember is "When you dream you've got a purple dragon next to you in bed, and you wake up and the dragon isn't purple, it is red......You need an need, I need, ............everybody needs an analyst!"  (mmmmmmmm..what teen doesn't need one?!!!!)
2.  Elderberries.  Read last week's blog.  I also remember the grape arbor behind one of my childhood homes.  Sometimes my mother made grape jelly.  I also remember a sibling of mine being tied up there after running away when she was four.......
3.  Grape Tootsie Roll Pops.  How long did you wait until breaking through to the chocolate center?  I tried to hold off while slowly licking my way there.
4.  Purple Outfit.  The first school clothes I bought completely by myself were a plum colored sweater and wool skirt.  I loved that outfit, and I can still remember how it smelled.
5   Aunt Jean.  She was my mother's sister and a nickname for her was "A Little Bit of Hollywood".  Her favorite color was purple and she indulged in it when she could.  Her home had a purple velvet chair, among other things.  She also liked gold, and she had lots of that...such as gold lame and gold jewelry!
6.  Bruises.  Brings forth memories of slipping on ice and falling a few years ago before a concert and thereafter waiting for what I thought would be the world's largest purple contusion.  I lucked wasn't too bad!  I fell again yesterday ( got carried away taking photos and didn't watch my step) but with only some abrasions....however, I half expect Mr. Purple bruise to show up late.
7.  More Bruising.  Many years ago, while attending Geology summer camp at Stephens College, I had a harrowing experience sliding.  A group of us was hiking a trail at Rocky Mountain National Park.  Part of the trip was across the top of some mountains.  While descending we encountered a large, unexpected snowfield.  A group of Scouts ahead of us had equipment to find the best path down, and the leaders waited and  also helped us (we were abut 8 girls).  We had to slide down.  At the bottom were large rock outcroppings, so they waited below to catch us in case someone wiped out.  We were given strict instructions on how to slide.  I was scared and waited until almost last to go.  I followed all the instructions and was doing fine until I hit a slick spot (apparently very slick since I had waited SO LONG...).  When that happened I spun and ended up sliding down on my stomach head-first.  I was imagining my imminent death!  Two guys at the bottom grabbed me and the next day I had the world's LARGEST bruises on my upper arms!!   FEAR DOESN"T PAY.
8.  Purple Lifesavers.  One of the better flavors, in my opinion.
9.  Grape Flavored Medicine.  Reminds me of grape-flavored tracer drinks my son had to finish before certain scans.  UGH  (he preferred root beer when that was an option).
10. The Three Kings.  My mother gave me a set of these that she needlepointed many years ago.  I always set it up on purple velveteen.  My mother liked to needlepoint and did many projects.
11. Purple Cow.  Never had one, but I am reminded of Atz's Ice Cream Parlor in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Many years ago that place had a Sundae bar.  YUM YUM!!  It was great!
12. Lavender.  Mmmmmmmmmm...a lovely scent.....mmmmm...lavender soap......ohhhh....lavender does not grow well here...tried it!
13. Lavender Roses.  My mother had a rose garden when I was young.  One of the roses was Sterling Silver.  It was beautiful and it smelled really good!  I grow Angel Face and Lagerfeld.  Yummy smells.....
14. Grape Pie.  How many of you like Pillsbury Bake-Off recipes?  I have a small collection.  Many years ago one of them had a recipe for Grape Pie.  I never tried it, but I remember pouring over those books.
15. Lilacs.  One of my favorite flowers.  Our home during my teen years had beautiful lilacs on the side yard.  We were given a Scottish terrier during those years who had apparently been mistreated and was scared of us.  She would hide in the lilac bushes.  I am happy to report that she did recover and became a good pet. 
16. IRIS.  My mother's favorite flower.  The photo at the beginning of this blog is of my baby iris that bloom every spring.  They are so pretty!
17. MORE FLOWERS.  Like purple pansies (love their faces), violets (I used to braid violet stems when I was a child) and violas (of course, since I am a violist!!).

   Enough!!  Maybe I will add more later. 

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