Monday, October 25, 2010

Anxiety In the Night

Last night I had a music dream. I would like to say that these dreams are filled with beautiful compositions and heavenly sounds....or it would be nice to at least remember SOMETHING from what I hear. Alas, mine are usually manifestations of ANXIETY (I am reminded of the movie High Anxiety).
What are they about....well .....I am late to a concert, I am sight-reading during a concert, I am sight-reading near the front of the viola section or as principal, I am seated near the edge of the stage and beginning to slide off (really BAD....), I can't find my music, I arrive for the concert with street clothes on and no time to fix it (but at least I have clothes on, and they usually are not my pajamas), or, like last night, I spend so much time figuring out the way to the concert that it becomes impossible to get there on time. Because I can't get the internet map big enough to see where Ohio Street is. Whatever that means (it is scary to contemplate the implications of googling maps in a dream.....). I was so glad to wake up.
Truthfully, I do not have these dreams very often. In fact, my behavior in them is beginning to change. I have had a few in which I perform (even sight-read) successfully. Wow. The first time I had one of those was a delightful experience. I guess there is hope!!
At times I have been curious about the meaning of dreams. A bit of research has left me still wondering about them, and I have come to the conclusion that what they mean is dependent upon the paradigm of my own life. So much for dreams.
A few times I have described a dream in a journal. This is best done soon after waking, when details are fresh. Some interesting insights can be gained, especially by reviewing and pondering unusual dreams.
Well, I wish I had a photograph to go with this post. I think I will end with a peaceful pic, a counterpoint to falling off a stage. 
                                                       Mackinac, take me away!!

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