Sunday, October 3, 2010

We Just Don't Always Know What's Best!

     It is band season.  That phrase alone triggers immediate responses from parents. Lots of absent son or daughter...going to band concerts.....freezing in the we go to football, band, or both....paying for band meetings.....trying to keep up with the schedule....making sure my child is keeping up in school.....maybe a band party.....and the yearly cattle call for parental we go again....and again.....and again.....I will be so glad when band season is over....uh-oh, it is longer this year because we are going to nationals....and again....and again....when will I be childless.....and maybe, from some "get up and go" cheerful types-Wow!  Isn't it great that we can support this!!  Let's help!!
     Well...confession time...the latter is not me.  Enough said.  I have always been happy and grateful  that my boys were in good music programs in public school, but I DREAD volunteering.  All those strange people and circumstances.  My stomach starts churning when I first hear about the band meeting for parents.  One would think that by my age those feelings would dissipate, but not so.  So I usually try to bake if I get to the sign up sheet in time, or there is a weekend when I am not busy with my own rehearsals or church activities.  And then I feel guilty that I don't do more (never mind the fact that many other parents chip one is really  going to miss me!!). 
     This year I got to the sign up too late to bake, so my husband and I perused the lists for something different.  My other half, who does not have a shy bone in his body, signed us up to be band guides.  OK, I suggests doing this as pairs....should be OK.....I guess I will find out more about this when it is near the time to do it.  Well, that was yesterday.  My stomach began to churn on Thursday, and my worrywort mind began conjuring up possible problems and concerns.  I tried to curb this process, but it really hit yesterday.  How I would have liked to get out of it!!
     We went to the meeting for band guide volunteers, figured out what was going on with the help of other friendly parents (some of whom were also new to this) and did our "shtick".  It wasn't too fact, it was fun!  Of course, it helped that I was not alone.....
     It was fun and interesting to watch the bands prepare.  Why it was so hard to make myself do this I will never understand, but it was worth it.  Now I regret that I did not do it sooner ( looking back....!).
     The weather was beautiful.  We were outside for more than five hours in sunshine, fabulous cloud formations, wind, rain, cold, and darkness.  We walked and walked, and I am sore.  But there was one moment that was spectacular!  Around 5PM a rainbow began to form.  Soon there was a double rainbow.  As I watched, both  began to grow.  Soon the inner rainbow intensified and became complete.  A pale but full outer bow hovered above it.  They formed a huge, perfect arc over the football field where all the bands would perform later.  People were taking pictures (I didn't have my camera...!!!); I heard one young person exclaim "What does this mean...?" as he shot pics.  It was a once in a lifetime experience, which I would have missed had I not gone!
     In retrospect I have examined my feelings and decided that the positive feelings of the experience outweigh the anxiety preceding it.  I hope I remember this.  Things are usually not as bad as we imagine, and sometimes we are graciously blessed !

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