Sunday, November 14, 2010

Encounter with Max and a One-Eyed Tree

The November gloomies blew in Friday night and descended on me yesterday. Outside it was gray, cool and dank with occasional spits of windy rain. Moldy leaf piles lined the street and cawing crows perched on limbs of skeletal trees. It was definitely gloomy, and my spirits followed suit.

There were plenty of tasks to do but I wandered mentally to other places. I had a terrible time focusing, and my plans were not coming to pass. Hmmmmmm....looks like a good day to get out and shop. Maybe being out will perk me up. No such luck...just early Christmas crowds, no money and nothing I wanted on sale. Hmmmmm...maybe I will make bread. That did not work either- even the bread flopped. And I was alone part of the day, which fed the encroaching depression. All day long I fought melancholy.
Late yesterday a favorite quote popped into my head, a quote that occasionally reminds me to get my act together. It is from the children's book Max's Chocolate Chicken by Rosemary Wells. In this book Max and Ruby, a young bunny pair of sister and little brother, are on an Easter egg hunt together outdoors. The prize for the one who finds the most eggs is a large chocolate chicken. Max, who has the attention span of about a three-year old, is continually distracted by other things around him such as a mud puddle and acorns. Ruby, while gathering her own stash of eggs, keeps reminding him to look for them and the forthcoming reward if he wins. At one point she exclaims "Max...pull yourself together. Otherwise you'll never get the chocolate chicken."
I loved this book when my boys were young and I read it a lot. Every once in a while I hear this phrase in my head and I'm humorously reminded to get my act together. It usually happens on a day when I am wandering like Max and I need something like chocolate. And that was yesterday.
This morning I walked outside and experienced more yucky weather, but soon the rain will turn to snow. On the way to church meetings I thought about the gloomy nature scenes around me. I pulled into my parking space and was met by a tree ahead of me. While looking at it I suddenly realized it was staring at me with one eye and sticking out its tongue (really...a hunk of bark was coming off...). It was so funny and silly that I began laughing. I explained to my son ( who did not share his mother's sense of humor). So I think I am on the road to recovery, thanks to a silly tree and a little bunny boy. Such is life sometimes!!

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