Tuesday, November 2, 2010


     Green lawns were heavily frosted last night.  I began thinking about the word frost and thought I would list some associations with it. 
1.     Frosted mint garnish

2.     Jack Frost, the guy who has been painting our van's windows in the night and dancing on the last flowers

3.     Frosty the Snowman

4.     Frostys....like Blizzards, I think.  YUM

5.     Boy, that really frosts me!!

6.     Well, that's just the frosting on the cake....wait until you hear the rest of the story!!

7.     Making cake frosting

8.     Watching other people make cake frosting (like Martha Stewart...I find her teaching manner soothing)

9.     Reading recipes for cake frosting

10.   Imagining Italian meringue frosting, making it, and eating it.  And I did it once.  YUM YUM

11.   Eating any frosting (mmmmmm cream cheese)

12.   Making cutout Christmas cookies and frosting them....great fun

13.   My grandma's special cooked frosting for red cake, my favorite birthday cake when I was young

14.   I like frosting!!

15.   A girl in my high school had the last name of Frost...she was nice

16.   Frost evokes memories from school....like my sister being Suzy Snowflake in a school Christmas

 17..   Rev. Frost, the minister who baptized me at the First Methodist Church I grew up in. My mother
         waited until I was 4 yrs old so I would remember it (LDS do not get baptized until 8 years old)

18.    Scraping, scraping, and scraping car windows!

19.    Seeing my breath on a cold morning

20.    Stiff, crunchy grass in the morning

21.    Some poem about "when the frost is on the pumpkin"

22.    The beauties of autumn

23.    Frosted hair in the 1960s

24.    My Uncle Frank loved buttercream frosting.  For some unknown reason I remember that fact....

25.    Hmmmm..I seem to remember a hamburger place with Frostys in the name

26.    Snowflakes, great big, lazy ones

27.    Batman, and I could go on.....

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