Sunday, December 12, 2010

That White Stuff

     Howling winds and blowing snow--the sounds of a blizzard arrived during the night.  Fortunately the snowfall has been light.........lots of commotion without much show!
     Today's post  is a list of snow thoughts.

Powdered sugar sprinklings
Mexican Wedding Cakes
Falling cherry blossoms

Neighborhood owl and his soft, quiet hoots
Splashes of red from cardinals
Fluffy blanket to cover up the "uglies"
Ice cream, hot cocoa
Clean and pure
Catching snowflakes
Eating snowflakes
Paintings by Jack Frost
Cozy cottages covered in snow
A Christmas Carol
Feeble attempts at building snowmen
Anticipating NO SCHOOL!!
Snow angels
Jumping in drifts
Making  first footprints after a snowfall
Watching our dog play in the snow

Flocked Christmas trees
Paper snowflakes
Family games
Country friends unable to travel home stayed with us instead and games!
The sound of spinning tires
Crunchy sound when walking on very cold, snow-covered walks
Snuggling under cozy blankets
Making igloos

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