Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Aha! Moment

     Since I was a child I have loved music.  I hummed my way through my early years, both at home and at school.  My mother frequently exposed me to all kinds of music and I ate it up.  I fell in love with the violin at age 9 and the viola later.  In every interest survey I took there was only one--music.  Nothing else even came close.
     At times I have felt both a deep love for music and a strong desire to play my instrument well.  The desire to perform has never left me. It still flares up, and when it does I am astounded that it is still there.
     Where does this come from?  I know that my talents are God-given and I express gratitude for them and the opportunities I have been given, but until today I did not understand about the desire I feel.  I have always thought that the latter is just part of my nature.  It's me. 
     This morning I learned that this desire is a gift from God.  He wants me to have it for His reasons, whatever they may be.  That desire has motivated me, and, again, it is a gift.  Without it my musical talents would be underdeveloped and/or dormant.  Because the desire is a gift from God, it can be taken away if needs be.  A scary thought, but I also learned that another can be planted in its place.  No need to be concerned or worried about the loss; just trust in Heavenly Father.
     My cut and sutured finger has been healing well.  I began to carefully play two weeks after the accident. There is hardly any scar, and I have full function.  Mr. Finger is working out doing jumps and runs and he has a concert this weekend!  There is some numbness on the side, but it seems to be slowly fading.  Apparently my playing must continue, at least for now.  I am grateful for the power of the Holy Priesthood.
     I am grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost, or the Holy Spirit.  I learned this morning from the Spirit; it verified the truth of it to me during prayer, and it was both a  humbling and comforting experience.  Life is a gift, even down to the details.
     I wanted to share this experience because maybe it will help someone else understand.  Hope it does.

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