Monday, January 31, 2011

Musings On Rhythm

     My thoughts have been revisiting the windshield wipers incident I posted about recently.  I keep feeling there is more for me to learn from this.  I suppose this post is to help me through the process.
     What to do when traveling in the back of a car on a rainy day...?   If a song is on the radio I almost always see if the beat of the wipers matches that of the song.  Maybe it's a musician thing, kind of like harmonizing with doorbell and car door chimes.
     The beats rarely match.  Sometimes they will be in synch briefly, but they move apart.
     When I was younger this would bug me.  It was kind of like out of tune notes.  Painful. So I was on a quest to find a song that fit the beat of the wipers.  So far it seems to be a quest without an ending.  I can't recall a song which has matched all the way through.
     So much for perfection.  There just isn't much of it in this life.  Rhythmic pulse away from a metronome wanders to some extent; intonation during a performance is never right on all the time.  Even the best soloist will make mistakes in a performance; they just might be too subtle to be noticed by the audience.  I could go on and on about the imperfection of life, but hopefully you get the idea.
     Our human songs are not going to match the beat of the regulated wipers.  We can, however, have moments of perceived perfection, and we can grow and progress to approach perfection.
     As a musician my goal is perfection, but that goal changes as soon as I think I might have reached it.  As my playing improves I see ways that it can be refined.  And so forth and so forth.
     It is that way in our personal growth, too.  The more we learn and grow, the more we see ahead and how we can refine our behavior.  It can be humbling.
     On a spiritual note, that is why I need the atonement of Christ.  The more I use those wipers, the better I can see what is ahead and how to get there.   Maybe more about that later.
     Well, enough rambling for now.

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