Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dashees Garden Tuesday

     This is the first post in Dashees Garden Tuesday, a weekly post related to happenings in Dashees Garden and topics related to it.  Possible topics are what I am making, what I am learning about handwork/sewing, blogs I like, and family inspirations.  Postings will be under the label Dashees Garden Tuesday.
     This post is a photograph of a section of crazy quilt sewn by my Aunt Hoto.   Most or all of the fabric seems to be silk.  She embellished the seams with embroidery, and dates are embroidered on some of the pieces.
     I love this quilt because it reminds me of my aunt and it is beautiful.  I love the feel of silk and the embroidered dates!
     She was a great aunt, a sister of my grandmother.  She married but never had children; as a consequence she always found time to help me learn to sew when I visited her.  She could do just about any kind of sewing or handwork.  I remember her crocheting an entire suit and sewing  a coat and another suit (she knew how to tailor).  When she died my mother gave me her sewing box and everything in it, including lovely silk thread, sewing tools, and crocheting/knitting needles.  It was a treasure until it was damaged by water!
     Enjoy.  Hopefully most future posts will be shorter!

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