Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dashees Garden Tuesday 9/ More Swirling

     Below are two photographs of handwork I'm doing.  I'm still playing with swirls....relaxing!  The white background is upholstery velvet.....no raveling!  I like the way the stitches nestle into the fabric's nap. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly Music Nugget 9/ Unity

"People who make music together cannot be enemies, at least while the music lasts." - Paul Hindemith

     My life experiences verify this quotation.  Conflicts, both spoken and silent, sometimes appear during rehearsals but during a performance personal differences are put aside for the sake of performing well.  As this cycle repeats a bond forms between musicians. All of you sacrifice in some way to recreate a beautiful composition, and that process somehow connects you to each other.  On a rare occasion the level of musicianship and cooperation is so high that a beautiful spirit pervades the music and touches souls of both performer and listener.  Those moments reach heaven.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dashees Garden Tuesday 8/ What Grew in the Garden

     I suppose  Dashees Garden was my childhood environment.  Below is a list of some things that were in that garden.  This is a way for me to jog memories, but maybe you will be inspired to make a garden list for yourself!  Try the My Favorite.....

My china horse collection (including many broken, repaired legs)
A big, fluffy comforter that came from a great aunt
The book Hitty
Horse books
Grimms Fairy Tales (loved these)
Raggedy Ann Songbook (my mother played them often)
My big black stuffed horse
Saddle shoes
Revlon dolls (anyone remember these?)
My big lady doll
Playing gas station outside with my sister (she pumped)
Making perfume from a kit
Playing Queen of Venus outside
Eating plums from our tree
Collecting preying manti and cocoons
Trying to collect butterflies; in particular, looking for a green luna moth
Avoiding mulberries in our yard (Mother said they were poison...haha!!)
Playing horse with my girlfriend
My parakeets (replaced as they flew away or died from neglect)
Dancing to music, almost any kind (I really liked the Nutcracker Suite's Waltz of the Flowers)
Playing Finger (confession.....my fingers were people and I played with them.....they rode my china
Favorite food....swordfish (before the mercury scare)
Favorite ice cream.....butter pecan (oh, yum!!)
Favorite birthday cake....red velvet  (it's in again!) made by my grandmother
Favorite school game....Tag, Red Rover, playing horse at recess and running races
Most disliked school game ....Softball (was not good at any aspect)
Favorite subject at school.....probably art
Least favorite....maybe reading.  My first grade teacher was not pleased with me; she
     thought I was slow and put me in the slow reading group.  Well, I am not slow (I have a doctorate) but I
     am not a fast reader.  Could it be that experience?! hmmmm  Another post someday
Favorite food treat....my mother's toll house cookies. Always perfect.
Family activities I enjoyed....bedtime (music, stories and a funny dad), outings to parks, trips to visit extended
     family, shopping with my mother (as long as it was not for clothing), mini golf, movies, specials on TV,
     meals together
Favorite fairy tale....Sleeping Beauty
Favorite animal....horses and cats
Favorite outside activity alone.....hunting for insects, observing nature
Favorite outfit.....probably my jeans; I could play horse in pants.  And my cowboy hat.  And shortie
Place I most wanted to visit.....the planet where princesses lived.  Later...Ireland (still at the top of the list)
Favorite birthday treat....trip to LS Ayres tearoom in Indy and ordering princess dessert.  It was a decorated ball of ice cream with a  princess torso (china) on top.  Something like that.  Really special; very pretty.
Favorite flower....hollyhocks
Favorite colors...pink and green
Favorite number....24
Favorite song......too many to list


Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Music Nugget 8/ Virtuosity

     Well..............................I like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMM8pNf0Ys4&feature=related.  Igudesman (of Igudesman and Joo) talks about cellists, pianists, and violinists.  The violin section includes a solo performance of a virtuosic work which is amusing, especially near the end.  His faces are a riot!  Love it.....oh, those crazy violinists!!!!! (I can say it--I used to be one)
     If you want to skip the talk about cellists and pianists (but it's funny) begin at about 1'50".  Hang  in for the end!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dashees Garden Tuesday 7/ Swirls

     My home is chaotic at the moment from sorting, filing and shifting furniture from room to room.  No projects are being worked until life is more settled...I am too distracted.
     I noticed the swirly pattern in the center of the rosebud below and it reminded me of my fiddlehead vines.  It also reminds me that spring is coming!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Music Nugget 7/Freebies

     Just a quick nugget this week.  Free sheet music can be found on the internet.  Below is a link for one site.  It has a nice selection of short, familiar pieces arranged for a variety of instruments  Check it out!            http://www.8notes.com 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dress Up Down Up

     Last week I reflected on dress codes.  When I grew up blue jeans were rarely worn in public.  Jeans were reserved  as work or hard play clothes.  My mother dressed nicely when shopping and my sister and I had to look nice, too.  Pants were not on the nice list.
     By the time I was sixteen bell bottom jeans were popular and soon to be the norm.  No one wore pants at school, but mini-skirts were there on the more popular girls.  Hot pants appeared in the summer.
     My first two years of college were spent at a girl's school of about 2,000 students, most of whom got married or transferred after two years.  During my freshman year there was a dress code which required us to wear skirts or nice pants to classes.  Nice meant no jeans.  I think the code was even stricter than I remember; maybe pants were not allowed in classes the first year.  In any case, the code was dropped my second year.  Most of us loved the new freedom to wear what we wanted, and bellbottom blue jeans were everywhere.  The hippie look was in.
     During spring of that year I joined the Mormon church and decided to transfer to Brigham Young University.  Things were very different at BYU.
     The dress code at BYU was very strict.  It seemed like I had gone back in time to the late 50's or early 60's.  Jeans and mini-skirts were not allowed.  I do not remember if I could wear nice pants; at some point I did, but never jeans.  Never on campus.  My skirts all had to be lengthened.  I had granny glasses; I guess they were a bit extreme and my roomies thought I had been a hippie (which I never even came close to).  I adjusted to the look and had no complaints; in fact, it enhanced the spirit of the campus.
     This past week there was a lot in the news about the star BYU basketball player who had to leave the team because of violation of the school's honor code.  In reading about this I remembered my dress code experiences in college.  There was a definite difference in the feel of the campus when the code was dropped. Sloppiness increased.  Rebellion increased. There was less unity and more of the "anything goes" attitude.  Other rules were questioned.
     I watched it all happen and then transferred to BYU,  the other extreme.  My own experience was that BYU's strict enforcement of dress codes/honor codes helped the students.  It gave them some boundaries and discipline.  I suppose that our society doesn't think 18-19 year old students need this, but as a mother of three boys I say many still do to some extent. Many young people go off to college and get lost in the freedom and peer pressure that comes with it.  They just aren't ready for that much freedom and often "hang themselves" the first year or two. I see nothing bad about schools having some rules and enforcing them.
     I enjoyed college, especially BYU.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to go there.  It was a wonderful learning experience.  I will quit now before this turns into a Musiolarant!


Dashees Garden Tuesday 6/ Ramblings

     I knew I should have saved one of last weeks posts for today!  Nothing new; I have been busy sorting, discarding, filing and moving to make room for a home office.  The victims of my dejunking include my fabric stash, which must be reduced.  It's painful at times.  Partly because I have become aware of how much I have accumulated.  Oh my......but good-bye!  When this is done I think I will feel considerably lighter.
     Today I am posting an old photo from my childhood.  Yes, it is me with the cowboy hat on.  But....what I noticed is the lovely chair with the rose print.  I am a sucker for pretty roses, especially on fabric.  Yum yum.  Wish I had that chair!
     Just for fun here are more roses from my photo stash...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekly Music Nuggets 6/ The Composer is Dead

     On March 13 one of the orchestras I play in, Festival City Symphony, will be performing The Composer is Dead by Lemony Snicket and Nathaniel Stookey.  This work for orchestra and narrator introduces young audiences to orchestral instruments via a who-done-it story featuring an inspector interrogating all the sections of the orchestra.
     I had never played or even heard of this piece before this concert.  I am finding it clever and funny.  It exists as both a recording and a book with a CD inside; it is worth listening to if you can find it.  I do not recommend it for really young children; although humorous, it involves murder, dead composers, and some music which might be scary.  Below is a link with info about the piece and a video with excerpts.  It can also be found on You Tube.      http://www.schirmer.com/default.aspx?TabId=2420&State_2874=2&workId_2874=35253  Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dashees Garden 5/ Pastel Quilt

     Thought I would post this because it looks like spring.  It is another work in progress, just for fun. Simple quilt, stitch in ditch.  Back is pink flannel.
     I like pastels.  The squares are a combination of charm packet and stash squares.  One of these days I will get the binding done!

Dashees Garden 4/ Fiddlehead Vines

     A work in progress.......I am playing with embroidery and trying to derust my skills (still working on the little leaves!).  Hopefully some new projects for Dashees Garden will evolve out of this.
     Love making these vine tops!  As I was working I remembered hearing about fiddlehead ferns, so I refreshed my memory via the internet.  I thought, Aha....fiddlehead.....my viola......my old violin........guess where all this came from........get it.....DUH!!!  Sometimes the obvious is too close to see.

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