Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dashees Garden Tuesday 8/ What Grew in the Garden

     I suppose  Dashees Garden was my childhood environment.  Below is a list of some things that were in that garden.  This is a way for me to jog memories, but maybe you will be inspired to make a garden list for yourself!  Try the My Favorite.....

My china horse collection (including many broken, repaired legs)
A big, fluffy comforter that came from a great aunt
The book Hitty
Horse books
Grimms Fairy Tales (loved these)
Raggedy Ann Songbook (my mother played them often)
My big black stuffed horse
Saddle shoes
Revlon dolls (anyone remember these?)
My big lady doll
Playing gas station outside with my sister (she pumped)
Making perfume from a kit
Playing Queen of Venus outside
Eating plums from our tree
Collecting preying manti and cocoons
Trying to collect butterflies; in particular, looking for a green luna moth
Avoiding mulberries in our yard (Mother said they were poison...haha!!)
Playing horse with my girlfriend
My parakeets (replaced as they flew away or died from neglect)
Dancing to music, almost any kind (I really liked the Nutcracker Suite's Waltz of the Flowers)
Playing Finger (confession.....my fingers were people and I played with them.....they rode my china
Favorite food....swordfish (before the mercury scare)
Favorite ice cream.....butter pecan (oh, yum!!)
Favorite birthday cake....red velvet  (it's in again!) made by my grandmother
Favorite school game....Tag, Red Rover, playing horse at recess and running races
Most disliked school game ....Softball (was not good at any aspect)
Favorite subject at school.....probably art
Least favorite....maybe reading.  My first grade teacher was not pleased with me; she
     thought I was slow and put me in the slow reading group.  Well, I am not slow (I have a doctorate) but I
     am not a fast reader.  Could it be that experience?! hmmmm  Another post someday
Favorite food treat....my mother's toll house cookies. Always perfect.
Family activities I enjoyed....bedtime (music, stories and a funny dad), outings to parks, trips to visit extended
     family, shopping with my mother (as long as it was not for clothing), mini golf, movies, specials on TV,
     meals together
Favorite fairy tale....Sleeping Beauty
Favorite animal....horses and cats
Favorite outside activity alone.....hunting for insects, observing nature
Favorite outfit.....probably my jeans; I could play horse in pants.  And my cowboy hat.  And shortie
Place I most wanted to visit.....the planet where princesses lived.  Later...Ireland (still at the top of the list)
Favorite birthday treat....trip to LS Ayres tearoom in Indy and ordering princess dessert.  It was a decorated ball of ice cream with a  princess torso (china) on top.  Something like that.  Really special; very pretty.
Favorite flower....hollyhocks
Favorite colors...pink and green
Favorite number....24
Favorite song......too many to list


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