Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dashees Garden Tuesday 11/ Bag Therapy

     My new sewing area is so cheerful...it has lots of light!  It is so pleasant to work here.
     The room is also my office, so my computer is nearby.  I listen to classical music radio stations while I sew.  I love it!  I only had access to a small TV in my old sewing area and I find that it is much nicer to listen to music.  I am really enjoying the radio because I get a variety of music without having to change CDs and listen to ones I have heard before.  This is bringing back memories of listening to music for classes, and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing that.  Great exercise for my brain and ears.
     My handwork is slow now because I am enjoying my sewing machine so much.  I seem to be "hooked " on bags.  It is therapeutic.
     Below is my new favorite.  French seams inside again......I love the lack of any loose threads.  A French seam is really a double seam, the first of which is a 1/4" seam sewn on the outside of the garment (bag).  Counter-intuitive.  Next the bag is turned inside out and seams are pressed.  A wider seam is sewn on the inside, enclosing the first seam.  Turn right side out again and press.  Voila'.  Works best on light-weight cloth because of the layers.
     I love the way the opening of my hanging bag looks like a flower.  I am going to find a way to play this up.....

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