Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dashees Garden Tuesday 12/ Childhood Flowers

     I love flowers.  My post today is a list of flowers from my childhood and memories evoked by them.  Maybe you will remember a few of your own.

1.   Peonies at Nana's house.  She had a row of these along one edge of her backyard and I loved opening the seed pods and looking for the pea-like seeds inside.
2.   Hollyhocks alongside the west side of Nana's house and the south side of one of my homes. The flowers made great ballerinas.
3.   Violets under the edge of Nana's backporch.  It was fun to braid the stems.
4.    Pink surprise lillies at Grandma's house along the driveway (my other grandmother).  They were SO pretty.  She loved pink, and more pink flowers lined the backyard.
5.   Grandma grew zinnias in Grandpa's huge vegetable garden in the empty lot next to their home.  They were very colorful.
6.   Tulips at my first home, a duplex owned by great aunt.  She enjoyed gardening and had many flowers along the edge of the backyard.  I remember a purple clematis and tulips.  I fed dirt to the latter and apparently had conversations with them.
7.   My mother grew roses.  I remember that one was Tropicana, a pretty coral colored rose.  She would dust them regularly.
      Blue forget-me-knots grew by the backdoor, near places I often looked for a preying mantis and/or cocoon.  A cocoon hatched in the house one time.  Yes, there were zillions of tiny,baby preying manti all over our breakfast area.  I was in big trouble.
8.   We had a snowball bush, too.  It was very pretty!  I loved the big white flower balls.  In contrast, there was also a white spirea which I thought was kind of yucky.  It was messy and did not smell nice.
9.   My mother always bought an Easter lilly.  Sometimes she grew pink surprise lillies like my grandmother.  I loved watching them pop up unexpectedly in August, as I recall.
10. Pansies.  My mother and Aunt Hoto grew pansies in planters.  I LOVE pansies.  The first poem I memorized in school was a poem about pansies.  I probably talked to them, too.  Afterall, they actually had faces.
11.  We had lilacs at one of our homes.  Oh, they were gorgeous!  Our first dog, a black scottie, had been mistreated before we got her and she hid under the lilac bushes during her early days with us.
12.  Old-fashioned dark pink climbing roses at the same home as the lilacs.  They bloomed once in early summer.  They smelled really good.  I loved those roses!
13.  Phlox at Nana's house.  I made lots of chains with these.  Some posies make great toys!
14.  Impatiens in hanging pots at the lake.  My grandmother and aunts always had a few of these at their cottage, on the front porch and by the backdoor.  I remember my Aunt P painting a porch scene, with geraniums, I think.  A bright and cheerful oil painting.
15.  My aunt P  painted a beautiful sunburst of marigolds which hung above the living room couch in their regular home.  When I recall that room I always see that first.  It glows in my imagination.
16.  Petunias.  I remember these  because I never liked them.  I appreciate them now.....that's about it.
17.  Flowering trees.  My parents grew a raintree by one of their homes.  I remember giving my mother a flowering crabapple for Mother's Day one year.  At one home we had two flowering plum trees which yielded yummy plums.  We ate lots of these straight from the tree.
18.  Redbud trees in Indiana.  The best!!  Oh, how I loved those trees!  I remember taking nature hikes and learning about all the trees...fun.  I particualrly remember learning about the heart shaped leaves of the redbud, which appear after the flowers bloom.  Hmmmm..I seem to remember finding a walking stick insect on a redbud branch.
19.  Gardenia Plants.  My dad sometimes gave one to my mother for a special occasion.
20.  Iris.  My mother loved iris.  We always had some of these.
21.  My mother's sister had a long porch planter filled with lillies of the valley.  They smelled yummy!  Her favorite flower was the gladiola.  My mother did not like gladiolas...typical of their relationship.
22.  Waltz of the Flowers from Tschaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite.  I loved to twirl around to this, over and over.  A childhood favorite.  What did you dance to?!
    Well, I suppose that is enough.  Getting pretty boring, and I am tired!!


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