Sunday, April 3, 2011

On the Dock

     My sister called me last week to chat.  We talked about the death of Elizabeth Taylor and reminisced about summer visits to the lake. During our teens Elizabeth was part of our lives each summer. Our Aunt P walked with us to a little lake store and bought us movie magazines.  These were not the sensational rag magazines of today; nevertheless, they were racy for the time (early-mid 60s) and our mother did not allow us to get them at home.  We got caught up on the latest news about the stars, including Ms Taylor, who was one of our favorites.
     Those magazines were a fond indulgence.  Each morning we lay in bed and read them.  Each sunny afternoon we went swimming  followed by sunbathing on the dock with them or a book.  I think they were well worn by the time we returned home.
     Monday I threw my back out while moving and sorting.  It was a busy, stressful March and I suppose I did too much lifting and bending.  My back said "ENOUGH!!".  All of this meant it was time to take a breather, so I got back to some handwork/sewing projects and rested with lunch in front of an occasional Netflix movie.  Another fond indulgence.  I've been on the dock, so to speak.
     It occurred to me that each of the three movies I saw is about healing.  I have been pondering this topic.  This weekend is a semi-annual world conference for the church I attend (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints); that means we have no church services but listen to messages from church leaders in Salt Lake City via satellite, cable or internet.  There are five sessions over Saturday and Sunday. The timing was perfect for getting counsel about healing, and I prayed for such.
     I have not been disappointed.  A beautiful message about healing was presented in the opening session .  It was comforting to have an answer to my little prayer, and so early in the conference!  I was reminded that the ultimate answer to healing is Christ.  His life was about healing; healing of any kind, spiritual, emotional or physical.
     There is much for me to ponder and study, and maybe I will get more info today....I will soon be back at the dock................and not with movie mags.........



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