Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Is It?

     While walking along the parkway yesterday I spotted what appeared to be a dead bird straight ahead on the road.  It was black and the tip of a wing was visible.  I prepared to move away so our dog would not be sniffing it.  As I got closer I realized it was not a bird but a black glove with one finger sticking up.
     I was sure I had seen a dead bird and took appropriate action.  How often do we perceive something a particular way, take action, and later find out our understanding was false?!   Sometimes we never get close enough to find out our perspective is skewed; we never really inspect, research and/or study what we think we know.   Occasionally we refuse to see the truth, even when it is in plain sight.  We just don't "get it", so to speak.
     False beliefs can get us in trouble.  For example, believing a lie about another person can result in forming a false judgment about him or her, and spreading it compounds the problem.  Jumping to conclusions about what another person is like when you have not had or taken the opportunity to know him/her is another way perspective gets skewed.  Believing a health myth might damage us physically or lead us to refuse helpful treatment.  False spiritual beliefs can deprive us and others of joy and happiness.  This list could go on and on.
     The older I get the more important I think it is to keep an open mind.  It is very difficult to do sometimes, but it can lead to a clearer picture of truth, or how things really are.  We just might learn something new!
     A lot of philosophizing from a glove....and there is more to ponder!



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