Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dashees Garden Tuesday/ 13

     Well, I am back after two weeks of computer challenges and lots of sewing!  I will be adding some bags to my Etsy shop in the next few weeks.  They are lined drawstring bags.  Sizes vary, the most common being about 12" wide/ 14" long.  Most are lined and finished with French seams.  So far all are cotton.
      I have had lots of fun making these!
      Below are some photos.  The first is a bag that will not be in my shop because some of the patchwork is upside down.  I did not discover it until I was finished, and it is too much work to change.  There will be a similar patchwork bag in my shop.
     The patchwork bags are lined but not quilted.  Each patch has been topstitched to give strength to the fabric.
     Most of my bags are sewn with a seam up the back and another across the bottom, rather than only sides and bottom.  This allows the opening to bloom like a flower when the bag is closed and hung up.  Like the bag below, some have another color along the inside of the top.
The next two bags will be in my shop soon.  The red toile bag has a strip of vintage trim on the inside of the opening; that bag is also narrow and longer than most.

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