Sunday, May 1, 2011

In the Lighthouse

     In a former post I mentioned my enjoyment of the author Rosemary Wells and her three book series called Voyage to the Bunny Planet.  My favorite story of these is The Island Light.  Felix bunny is having a horrible day.  The Bunny Queen whisks him off to "the day that should have been", one spent with his father meeting the mailboat, getting apples, milk and flour, and escaping a storm by going to their lighthouse home.  Once there they build a fire, dry-out, make apple pancakes, and play gin rummy while the rain pounds and the wind howls.  Later they share a piece of gingerbread and play a final game with Felix in bed and his dad sitting on it.  Felix falls asleep holding his father's hand, safe and warm.
     The message and picture are charming.  I savor this trip to the lighthouse.  It is very sweet and tender.  Sometimes I need to read it to find those feelings again.  Maybe I am trying to connect with my inner child, who knows.
     I have been pondering the Scriptural admonition to be like a child.  Now this, of course, does not mean to be like a child in every way; it means to cultivate the childlike attributes of humility, meekness, being quick to forgive, loving, and so forth.  I am thinking of my own children when they were young and my church class which covers ages 5-7 (6-7 now).  It is not easy in a world which takes pride in sophistication and cynicism.
     As I read this little book this evening I realized that I have an escape to a home like that of Felix.  My father is my Father in heaven, and my lighthouse is my active membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The Holy Ghost guides me and is my Comforter, and the means by which my hand is held during the storms of life, the time when the fire is stoked.  I get to help make pancakes, and sometimes there is a type of gingerbread and games.  Things work out.
     Don't we all need this sometimes?!  Oh, such a lovely book.

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