Sunday, June 12, 2011

For Love of Jade

     My mother tried to expose my sister and me to all the arts.  If opportunities were not available near our hometown she took us to Indianapolis or Cincinnati.  One of those journeys included a visit to the Cincinnati Museum of Art when I was about 15 and a discovery about myself.
     The museum had a collection of Oriental art. During the perusal of such I saw some figurines made out of something unknown.  It was jade.  The most beautiful stone I had ever seen.  Oh, that soft, luminous, green....I wanted to squeeze know, like in the old  Charmin commercials..... Oh!  Jade!  The carvings were magical and mysterious.....I wanted to touch them.  I wanted all of them.  Then I felt something I had never felt before or since.  A pure, unadulterated urge to steal.  
     That feeling surprised me, and I examined it.  Curious, I thought.  So this is what people feel when they have gold fever, maybe?!
     Then we explored the section of gold items.  They were beautiful, and looked more touchable and squeezable than the jade.  I waited for that new urge to hit again, but the gold just didn't quite hit the spot.
     The urge to steal never returned, but jade remained my first love.  It still looks edible and squeezable.  I adore it.




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