Wednesday, June 22, 2011


     During the past month the subject of coed college dorms caught my attention.  I thought about the acceptance of this in most universities, and the more I pondered the crazier the idea seemed.  As a mother of three boys, I have some idea of what high schoolers do and think about.  I can not imagine letting these kids loose in coed dorms three months after they graduate and expect them to behave responsibly (although nowadays "responsible" means protecting yourself).  Behavior was a problem in uni-sex dorms, as I recall.  All of this reminds me of experiments in making it legal to do drugs in certain parks......doesn't  work.  The situations get worse.  Whatever happened to morality? ! Oh, yeah....society redefined it.  Society redefined God.  Wow, we certainly think a lot of ourselves.....
       What is even more amazing is that coed dorms have been sanctioned for years by supposedly intelligent people.  I just do not get it!  Well, enough of my rant.  The main purpose of this post is to give a link to an article in Meridian Magazine, an online LDS publication.  Go to this link and read the article entitled  Catholic University .

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