Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Music Nugget 17/ Newbies to Classical Music

     While browsing blogs I discovered what I think is a good blog for someone just getting started listening to classical music.  The writer, not a professional musician, discovered and fell in love with classical music; he uses his blog to share what he learned during the journey.  The blog is easy to read and it is well-organized.  From what I have read so far the writer seems knowledgeable. The link is as follows:
     There is a recommended list of music for getting started with your listening.  It is divided by the standard historical divisions of music history.  I have a two suggestions to add here.  The first is to listen to a composition that has several short movements such as Enigma Variations by Elgar (1899) or The Planets by Gustav Holst (1916).  A short attention span will appreciate these!  The second suggestion is to skip the Schnittke viola concerto.  I love the fact that a viola concerto was put on the list (I am a violist) and this one is a terrific piece, but I found its mood very dark.  I have learned many 20th century works, but the first time I heard the Schnittke it weighed me down emotionally.  I have intentionally avoided learning it.  A substitution might be Der Schwanendreher by Paul Hindemith or the Bartok viola concerto. 
     I could go on and on, but this is only a nugget.  Check out this blog; it has some good tips!

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