Sunday, June 12, 2011


      While reminiscing I reviewed some family members and discovered that I associate each of them with particular colors.  For example Aunt Jean, my mother's sister, was purple, gold, and black lacquer.  She loved those colors, and they seemed to fit the part of her we considered to be "a little bit of Hollywood".  Her decor was dark and rich with an Asian twist. I remember Asian figurines, a  black lacquer cabinet with Chinese figures,  a gold velvet chair and purple accessories.  One home even had a wall painted mauve!
     Jean also enjoyed happy colors like yellow.  Her light bedroom reflected her cheerful, positive nature.
     My paternal grandmother was pink.  Her two daughters created a pink bedroom for her.  She had pink clothes.  My grandfather bought her a big pink De Soto long before Mary Kaye cosmetics existed (true love...).  She planted lots of pink flowers.  Definitely pink!
     Aunt Peggy was an artist and lived in all kinds of colors, but one combination stands out.  For her college Masters project she carved a series of wooden female heads and torsos which she washed  with various shades of pink and orange.  Wild!  They decorated the sitting area of her studio for many years. My mother and sister nicknamed them "the boob ladies". 
     Aunt Harriet, Peggy's older sister, was another pastel woman.  She was more like my grandmother and liked pink.  She also looked good in light hues.  I think of soft colors when I remember her.   They reflect the meekness and patience she developed from teaching and her lifetime battle with physical disabilities.
     It is difficult to pair a particular color with my other grandmother. Perhaps blue fits her personality the best, but there wasn't much blue in her home.  I associate her with a necklace she often wore.  It was made of variously shaded beige beads.  I think they were speckled.  The beads were unevenly shaped and reminded me of pieces of candy.  My sister and I liked to feel them.
     My grandmother's sister Hote was a talented seamstress.  She worked with many colors, but I think of olive green in particular because of a suit or coat she made in that shade. She also looked good in that color.   A second color is purple for the big amethyst ring she owned. Last, blue for her big feather chair in a blue pattern.  So pretty and comfy!
     My mother enjoyed decorating and worked with many colors, but two stand out.  One is red because it was her favorite color.  The other is blue. When she was young she owned a beautiful sapphire blue gown that was beautiful on her.  Her personality was definitely blue!
     Warm, earthy and comfortable colors are my sister....warm reds, gold, camel and khaki..with a dash of the exotic!
     Last, me.  Another blue, I think...........and floral pastels.
     I have left out the colors jump out at me right now.....interesting...
     This is a fun activity for jogging memories!



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