Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Desert Woes

     There was one part of our trip west that I did not care for.  One word....Nevada.  Previous to this trip I had only been through Nevada during the night, in a bus for a college orchestra trip.  I remember lots of lights in Las Vegas.  This time it was daylight, and we spent maybe an hour of that in backed-up traffic because of road constuction.  We were in sunny desert; not much to do other than play games or hide from the sun.  I did take a few pictures....of desert and sagebrush.....
     We do not gamble, and I don't have any use for that.  I was taken aback by all the slot machines.  I could not even visit a bathroom without at least one to greet me..  I knew about this situation, but it really hits when you actually see it. 
     We stayed one night on Reno on our way to Sacramento.  I did not care for Reno.  Enough said.
     On a positive note, it rained in Nevada on our way east from California.   It was fun to experience that.  It smelled good, and it felt so much better than that hot sun!!
     Below are my token desert photos from time in the traffic hold-up.


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