Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Music Nugget 21, Sounds of Vacation

     My music post this week is a review of memorable sounds from my vacation, most of which involved nature.
     1.   The sound of rushing water, from tricklets to fast mountain streams to large waterfalls.  In particular I remember the sound of Fairy Falls in Yellowstone as we hiked to it.  It was a rather boring hike, and as soon as I heard the falls I felt relief....soon I would be there!  Oh, I love the sound of rushing water!
    2.    While on our bison stalk we got close enough to hear the herd.  Many were napping.  It was fascinating to stand and just listen.  The sounds were not pleasant; they were a mixture of low groans and ...frankly....farts!!
    3.    The sound of wind blowing through pine trees on a mountain.  I adore this sound.  Heard it first at Mt. Rushmore...oh, to just stand alone up high  and listen!
    4.    The sound of walking through tall grass on our bison stalk.
    5.    After the Black Hills we returned to the Badlands.  This time it was sunny.  We pulled off the road to see what some people were observing in a large field.  As I began to walk out I heard sounds underfoot and just ahead of me...something like birds.  I could not figure out what I was hearing.  There was no sign of birds on the ground....very strange...and then  I saw holes in the ground and people looking at prairie dogs.  Apparently they really were underfoot-- in tunnels.  When I got close enough to take pics I could hear them scold me!
    6.   Foreign tongues, especially in Yellowstone.  Everywhere I heard varieties of Asian and European languages.  It was fun to observe how well we could communicate when an animal was sited.  Pointing and voice inflection work well...
   7.    Fearful, happy, and excited sounds during our whitewater rafting trip on Snake River.  We had a great group!  Our guide was a bit on the wild side.....and I remember his Louisiana accent!
   8.    The clanking of dishes during our meal at the Game Lodge in Custer State Park.  Noisy, but pleasant because it reminded me of eating dinner at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI. Yum-yum to the meals in both places!
   9.    Bug Rain.  At night, while driving home through South Dakota, rain threatened.  Soon we heard what sounded like big, fat raindrops hitting the windshield.  Alas, it was not rain....just lots of bugs.  And more bugs.  It was as if we were driving through a huge cloud of them.  What a mess!!!!
    On that "lovely" note I think I will quit!!!

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