Monday, August 15, 2011

Rushmore Four

      After the Badlands we traveled through the Black Hills, spending a day visiting Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park.
      There were a few pleasant surprises during our trip, one of which was Mt. Rushmore.  I have seen many pictures of the four carved presidents and my reaction to stopping there was that it would be one of the less interesting places to see.  In my mind it would be lots of dry, bare rock.
     Not so!!  The Black Hills was probably my favorite stop.  I loved it.  It was not dry and bare at all; it was quite green, with many pine trees covering old granite mountains.  Lovely granite. I would love to go back and just hike!
     It was overcast the day we were there.  I think I like that effect in the photos; they don't look quite like the common ones and the green stands out.

     There is a special feeling at Mount Rushmore, almost sacred.  Very beautiful!!

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