Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Big, Furry Surprise

     Our first hike at Yellowstone was the path to Cascade Lake.  We began in the early evening; because of late time we planned an abbreviated walk.  After about 30 minutes we spotted an animal in the meadow down on our right.  The animal was too far away to identify without binoculars, but we guessed it was a bear.  It was... and not just any bear, but a grizzly.  Immediately we were both excited and cautious.  Should we continue or go back to our room, my husband asked.  It was a little bit scary because we saw the bear sniff the air while looking in our direction.  It was also a bit frightening because we were alone.  It seemed no one else was on the path. My chicken heart was in a daring mood and I felt we would be OK so we went on.  We were able to check the bear for quite awhile as the path continued to skirt the meadow.  Trees partially hid us.  He stayed far away, grazing and occasionally sniffing the air.
     Late into our hike we encountered a hiker going the opposite direction.  He seemed a bit eccentric. We told him about the bear, but I don't think he believed us.  After watching through our binoculars he informed us that the bear was probably Scarface.  We had great fun talking about the bear once  he had that exciting name.
     As I thought about this later it didn't feel quite right, so I asked a park ranger and was told Scarface had died years earlier.  Oh well...maybe the one we saw was Son of Scarface...  ha!  Lesson learned...don't believe everything you hear from eccentric hikers!
     I have posted some photos of our hike below.  My husband and youngest son were with me.  The last photo is the stream that meandered through the meadow.

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