Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cleaning the Fixtures

     There are delays in my music post because I want to share something else instead.  It follows bathroom repair work done this past week by my husband and son while I was under the weather with a back problem.
     Yesterday I was invited to view the final product.  The bathroom was beautiful, but I was amazed at the bright light.  I assumed stronger light bulbs had been installed.  When I mentioned this later I was told that was not the case.  The fixtures over the bulbs had been thoroughly cleaned.  A dense layer of dark, toasted dust had accumulated on the glass.  Sounds gross, right?  In defense,  these particular lights are a pain to open, and are only approached when they burn out.  And not by me (who has an aging neck, fear of heights and zilch mechanical ability).
     It had not occurred to any of us that dust had dimmed the light in the room.  I suppose it happened so gradually that we did not notice or think about what was occurring.  We just adjusted to the small increments of change.
     How like life this can be!  Changes in our behavior can  effect how much spiritual light we receive.  Often they occur slowly; maybe we stop reading scriptures for a few days or stop praying.  Perhaps we begin to build new habits that reduce our sensitivity to the Spirit, such as watching or listening to inappropriate media.  Maybe we get caught in a rut of negativity, or let anger get the best of us.  We do not correct the behavior, and over time our light source gets neglected and the dark dust builds.  After a while we forget how bright the light used to be!  Soon our condition seems normal,  and we give the Light an occasional nod when we physically or emotionally burn out.  When a crisis comes along we often become fully aware of our situation.
      This reminds me of why it is good to attend church meetings, pray and study scriptures on a regular basis.  They help keep the light fixtures clean so we can see.





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