Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dashees Garden 26

     Fall is my favorite time of year.  One of the reasons is the beautiful leaves!  They always inspire me to create something new.
     The leaves below will become pendants or brooches.  They are created from felted wool and wool from upcycled sweaters which I have felted.  Layers were fused and then tacked by hand around the edges (the maple leaf was edged by machine).  Veins were machine-stitched.  I love the dimensional effect created by the veins on the sweater sides of the leaves.
     Some of the felted wool was purchased on Etsy from the supplies section.  In the past I have bought used wool clothing and felted it myself.  It is difficult to find a wide variety of colors that way, and I usually end up with much more fabric than I need.  Some of the Etsy shops offer assortments of felted wool pieces in many colors and small sizes.  The prices are reasonable and service is great.
Backs of leaves

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