Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Musings 2

     Today I have been pondering the principle of faith.  My mind has returned to the concept that faith involves action as well as belief.
     My own experience is that seeking help from God begins with prayer and is followed by action.  In my life answers to prayer often come after I pray, while doing something to meet my needs.  For example, if I want help learning something new, I pray for help and then continue to learn about it and practice.  Aid comes during the process.  If I pray to know if a particular decision is right or wrong, I do not get an answer then.  The Lord does not tell me what to do.  Help often comes as I study and ponder scriptures while trying to keep a prayer in my heart. I receive guidance that helps me make the decision.  Insight  might come while pondering my problem as I go about my daily activities.
     I make a decision at some point.  I might pray about it then, but by the time I make it I usually know if it is right or wrong because of the spiritual insight I received during the decision-making process. 
     Getting an answer involves enduring the waiting process faithfully.  It means going forward while continuing to ask for help.  I must maintain my belief and faith in God during the process.
     Below is a link to an article from Meridian Magazine (online LDS mag.)which I want to share.  It explains faith.  Read the The Bicycle Light .

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