Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Musings 3

     Today I have spent time sorting through my genealogy research.  I am overwhelmed by how much information has accumulated and my need to find a better way to organize it.  Guess I will begin by continuing to sort, taking a few bites at a time.  I don't think there is any other way to approach family history!
     The best place to start family history is collecting info you already have and then ask other family members as questions arise.  You will need forms to record information.
     There are many online resources for records, forms, and how to research.  I recommend beginning with  This is the family history website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which I am a member.  Anyone can go into this site, and it is loaded with info about family genealogies and how to record and research them.  I recommend beginning a search at this site by simply typing in the name of an ancestor you want to know more about. At some point check out what else is available.
     This site has a link to the large Latter-day Saint Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  Microfilmed records from all over the world can be ordered.  There is a charge.  The films are mailed to the Family History Library closest to you and you must view them there.  Addresses and phone numbers of these centers can be found at; call one for more information.
     Microfilms are  being digitized and put on the website.  This project will take years, but the films already finished can be accessed at for free.  Examples of records available are all the US national census records and marriage/birth/death records from some states.  Many non-US records have been digitized, also.
     Good luck if you are just getting started!  

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