Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekly Music Nugget 23/ A Love Song

     Robert Schumann's Piano Quartet Opus 47 is a favorite work of mine, especially the third movement.  The movement opens with a beautiful melody introduced by the cello; to me it is a love song, perhaps written with Clara, Robert's wife, in mind.  At least, that is the way I imagine it. The work is in ABA' form, the middle section giving some relief from the romanticism of the outer movements.  The A' section opens with a return of the melody in the viola (one reason I love this piece...).  From here the music intensifies as the violin and viola play a beautiful duet, the violin taking the song.
     In section A the piano often plays an accompaniment of moving notes which become more active in  A'.  Near the end the song is played one more time by the cello, and this time the piano plays a busy but gentle undercurrent of joy.  The work ends in what to me is the chiming of soft bells.
     So much joy and intimacy, complete with heart palpitations!
     Here is a link to a very fine performance.  Beautiful playing and phrasing by all members of the group!


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