Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dashees Garden Tuesday 30

     Below are some photos of projects in the making.  I am working on hoop art for now because I am intrigued with it.  It seems to hold promise as something that I can change a lot....a versatile medium!  It can also be made in various sizes, be personalized, and it is not an expensive venture.  Should be fun!
     The photo below is wool on wool, as I do on my wool hearts.  I will whipstitch the pieces on, embroider stems, and embellish the flower with more embroidery.  I will probably do it freehand; sometimes I draw a pattern on with a disappearing ink marker (always test it first!).  The pieces might be rearranged and trimmed.

This is a small doily on felted wool.  I will do  stem work in white embroidery...maybe leaves,too, unless I decide to add a lace leaf.  Maybe I will embellish with pink embroidery and or tiny pearls.

Not sure about this one yet.  I am going to let it sit like this for a few days and revisit it.  The background is a tartan wool.  I really enjoy wool plaids.

This is like the hoop art from last week's post except that the background is from a very soft felted sweater.   I might change it's placement again, but after that I will stitch the heart on, remove the basting, and see if it needs embellishing.

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