Friday, November 11, 2011


     I suppose I will try to do a music post tomorrow.  Today I am distracted by a wonderful movie I just saw.  My husband and I just watched the documentary Buck, released this year.
     Buck is about Buck Brannaman, a horse whisperer (he helped with the movie The Horse Whisperer).  Buck himself is the star of the film. He travels the country giving 4 day clinics on horse behavior and training.   He is followed and filmed doing this in the movie, with intermittent discussion of his upbringing, which involved an abusive father.  Buck chose not be like his father.  He gained a special sensitivity to abused animals, horses in particular.  He came to understand them and learned the "horse whisperer" technique of training.  He developed wonderful gifts.
      For lack of better words, I have to say that this man is "special"....very firm, confident, but kind, compassionate and patient.  There is something very familiar about him.  Hard to explain....almost like he is a kindred spirit.  Watch his eyes....he has beautiful eyes.
     If you enjoy horses, take the time to watch this movie (we saw it on Netflix).  It is a beautiful documentary of how someone has overcome a difficult childhood and made his weaknesses into strengths.  Just made me feel good!!

Well....maybe a connection to music......I have been motivated to practice better.....


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