Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting Personal

     In thinking about my blog I realized that I have not been very personal.  Guess I will open up a bit....with some questions and answers.  Maybe like a meme (whatever that is...).

1.What foreign country would you jump at the chance to visit?
     I have many on the list, but only one has been at the top since I was a child.  Ireland.
2.Favorite scent from Bath and Body Shop?
     A discontinued one...Sunripened Raspberry.  To die for!
3.Favorite season
     Usually autumn.  Love autumn air and colors
4.Favorite food indulgence
     hmmmm..too many to list.  Most tempting....the ones  I can't have around...great brownies, classic Toll House chocolate chip cookies, and my butterscotch shortbread cookies.  And Red Velvet cake.  And Kopps vanilla custard (to die for...heavenly). I had better stop...especially since they are all taboo.
5.Favorite flower
     Rose....but I also love pansies!
6.What would you like to have for your last meal on earth, if you could eat...
     My mother's fried chicken, really good garden tomatoes (maybe Brandywine),  home-grown young green beans with bacon and onion,  fried potatoes (LOTS), and one of the desserts above.
7.Ham or turkey for Thanksgiving?
8.What would you live in if you could have your fantasy come true?
    A white cottage near water...lake or sea...and a cottage garden in the front yard.  Brick or stone curved walkway.  Trellised roses.  Pink hollyhocks and roses and lavender and I could go on and on.....Fruit trees and vegee garden in back....and I would have a cat (I would have to be widowed and living alone for that...).  And a warm, cozy library full of good books and music.  Fireplace. And a gardening shirt with cabbage roses on it...something I like but not in style....lots of silk, too.....oh, this is getting good....
9.Childhood dream?
     To marry, live in the country in a tri-level house, teach violin and raise horses.  Children were always an appendage (that changed when I became LDS). I was not one of those girls who liked mothering and babysitting.
10.Favorite car
     I can almost always spot my fav....Jaguar.  The old ones.....very cool!!!!!!!

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