Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Musioilarose 1/ What the Tinman Needed

     Most of us know that the Tinman in The Wizard of Oz wanted a heart.  He thought he needed a heart.  In the end he discovered that he had a heart.
     He really needed something else.  He could not even communicate much without this, although we hear him try in the movie.  Oil.  He needed a good oil treatment.
     There are many analogies here, but my focus is just oil.  Essential oils, in my case.  I have been learning about these and trying out a few, and I am very pleased with the results.
      Positive experiences are accumulating, but I will just share a couple now.  This morning my husband asked me if I had a suggestion for something he could put on his Achilles heel that has been bothering him.  I did some research and suggested lemongrass oil.  He applied a drop, and within seconds he had relief. 
     Yesterday I came down with a mild tummy bug.  Today I tried peppermint oil.  I mixed two drops in my breakfast water ........WHOA!!  Not only did it help my tummy feel better, but I have felt all morning like the center of my torso is Candy Cane Lane.  It has a certain peppermint glow... very pleasant!  And a drinking glass is an absolute delight to sniff.  I just took another whiff.....AHHHHH....sweet peppermint with no carbs and calories.
     Well, I must share the company that has furnished me with such delights.  DoTerra (long O) is the name, and here is the link  The company sells top of the line essential oils.  Good stuff.  I highly recommend them. 
     Every time I think about or try an oil I feel good about it.  I hate sales pitching...not my thing...but I am pursuing this (I am in the process of learning how to be an independent distributor) because I continually feel so good about it.  It is as if there is an open door for me to go through ( by the way, if you want to purchase any oils, please go through me).  I think it will improve my health, both emotional and physical.
     Well, enough.  I have a plan to blog about oil experiences one day a week....not sure which day yet...but this week it is Wednesday!

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