Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Musings 9

     Today marks the beginning of what I call the November gloomies.  The weather is cool and gray; the beautiful October colors are fading and the last of the leaves will soon fall.
     It's depressing.  I have been fighting this all afternoon.  In thinking about what to post I reviewed some things that I am grateful for, and it is helping. I will share some.
     First, I am thankful for my good husband and children.  They are blessings in my life.  Sometimes I think we look outside our own family for fulfillment, not realizing that what we really want might be right under our noses.  So often the grass looks greener on the other side, so to speak.  Gratitude can shift our perspective.
     Next, I am thankful for my viola, my fourth child.  We have been together for 42 years, and I still enjoy playing.  I am very grateful that my health has been good enough to keep playing challenging music!   I am so grateful that I still have all my fingers and that they work well!  Many people my age do not have this blessing.  I am able to keep plugging along...
     I am grateful for the blessing of increased knowledge and understanding of God and what he wants for me.  I do not know how people survive without this.  It provides reason for what I do; it gives me a foundation on which I can exercise faith.  As I try to become more Christlike, I receive blessings...wonderful blessings that bring me joy.
     Well, I am feeling better.... gratitude works!


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