Wednesday, November 23, 2011


    Today I installed a widget which allows me to share Etsy treasuries.  Some will be made by me; those made by others will usually feature an item from my shop.
     Treasuries are collections of up to 16 items chosen by an Etsy account holder; each has a theme reflected in its title.  The shop owner must not feature his /her own items (hence my things only appear in someone else's  treasury). Searching treasuries is a fun way to promote and shop Etsy. 
     My treasury is on the sidebar to the right.  Click on an item to see a bigger photo and listing/price info.  A big picture of the whole treasury is available by clicking on the title in tiny letters immediately above the top row. Today I have posted my Thanksgiving treasury, Over the River and Through the Woods.
     I make a lot of treasuries so I will be changing them often.

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