Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekly Music Nugget 31/Memories

     When I was a child music was fun.  My mother entertained us with all kinds of music; I twirled and danced to Peter Pan as well as Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker.  She played the piano and sang fun songs.  We listened to musicals and heard tales about my mother's sister who had played the lead in a few.  We listened to childrens' classics and Bozo on the Farm.  My sister and I pretended to sing, often when we were playing dolls.  We imitated our mother's "Big Lady" voice!  We went to concerts prepared, and enjoyed them. We were immersed in holiday music and involved in church choir when older.  My sister and I took ballet lessons, more exposure to music (although that was only fun when we pretended at home...another story).
     We also had musical fun with my Aunt Harriet, who was a multi-talented lady.  She taught rounds to my sister and me on our summer trips to the lake.  She would sing with us.  We loved it!  My mother didn't sing for fun this way...she tried, but it just wasn't the same.  My aunt would also tell us about and then sing excerpts from musicals she put together for her students at a school for handicapped children.  She told us stories about her professional singing experiences, and we were always aware that she continued to take vocal lessons.  Her home had an old piano that sounded pretty awful but was always available to play, which I did when young.
     I credit much of my interest in music to these women who loved and shared it with us.  Such examples...would we could all be like them!!

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