Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekly Music Nugget 32/ Healing with Lemongrass

     This is an extra music post because I just can't wait to share an essential oil success story.  It is music-related.
     This week I began practicing after missing a few days because of a trip.  I warmed up slowly (see viola rehab post) , but I jumped into high shifts  too soon each day. I was trying out a new routine, and I learned that I must go back to beginning warm ups with simple exercises in first position.
     My left arm did not like what I did, and rebelled with tennis elbow.  Tennis elbow is one of the problems that drew me to viola rehab, but that was my right arm.  Left elbow was new, and it was pretty bad on Thursday.  By noon my elbow and wrist ached.  And ached.
     I thought, hmmmm...wonder if an essential oil will help...  Earlier this week my husband put lemongrass oil on his achilles tendon  and it has not bothered him since.  True. So Friday morning I combined it with a carrier oil (coconut) in a ratio of about 2 parts lemongrass to one part coconut.  I put it on all the affected areas.  There was quite a bit of relief after a few minutes...maybe about 65-75% less pain.  By noon my arm hurt again so I reapplied it.  This time the relief lasted longer, and I did not reapply it until night.  Reapplied it this morning, and today the pain is pretty much gone.  True story!!!
     By the way, I even practiced yesterday.  Carefully, but I was able to play without much pain.  How cool is that?!
     Love this lemongrass oil. 

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