Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekly Music Nugget 34/ A musiolarant

     The yearly avalanche of Christmas music has begun.  I think it began a couple of weeks ago.  While driving this morning I noticed that there is at least one radio station devoted entirely to Christmas music.  My ears will be tired by December.  By Christmas my ears will have been buried alive for a while. I estimate that it will take almost a year to dig out.  And then........AGAIN.
     I don't get it.  Why must this music begin so early every year?  By Halloween stores are preparing (well, maybe that isn't so bad...takes some attention from Halloween).  By  the third week of November Thanksgiving is merging with Christmas.  I estimate that in another twenty years (or sooner) we will have an end of the year celebration called  Giving Thanks Days.  I think that covers both holidays without offending anyone.  The way will then be clear to forget anything holy about either.
     I hope none of this ever happens.  It is disturbing enough that the word holiday has become the politically correct name for Christmas.  I don't get that at all....seems just silly (ridiculous is a better word).  Don't we have more important issues than what to call Christmas!!??
     What is really offensive is- in my opinion- songs like that stunning ballad "Santa Baby".....!!!!!!!!!  My poor ears.....and brain......!


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