Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekly Music Nugget 38

      Years ago I heard someone say that some decorators like lots of white at home because it is a relief after working with color all day. 
      I think this is also true sometimes for musicians. I am almost "musicked" out, and perhaps it is time for some silence.  Everywhere I go I hear Christmas music (most of which leaves much to be desired, in my opinion).  I have my last leg of concertizing this weekend and I will be glad for a break.
     This week my music nugget is that ears can get tired!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Musioilarose 4

      Two or three weeks ago I did something to my lower back.  I think it was a bit out, but a ligament or tendon was also giving me fits.  I don't know which happened first. Pain. Pain.  It was torture to get out of bed.
     I began to have success with my DoTerra oils when I layered them on my back four times a day.  I layered lemongrass, Deep Blue (a mixture) and then peppermint to help them penetrate.  In two days it was about 50 % better, and after four days it was almost normal.  I should add here that my lower back problems usually seem to be related to pulled ligaments, so I also massage my lower back around the hurt area. That  helps.
     Love these oils!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dashees Garden Tuesday 34/ Sheep Pow-Wow

          My hands have been busy with my viola and Christmas, so there isn't much new now.  I have posted a photograph of an old quilt that belonged to my mother.  I think she inherited it from her mother's sister, my great Aunt Hoto.  Aunt Hoto could sew anything.  She did not make the tatters.
          The year I was in a Dashee mood and made black sheep.  And bought a few.  Not sure what that was you get sheep with the quilt.  I think they are having a pow-wow.

Monday, December 12, 2011


     Looks like Mitt Romney is not the only Mormon running for the office of president of a country.  Love this article!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Musings 12/ Music Nugget 37

     I adore this arrangement of Still,Still,Still.  Sublime.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where 's the snow?

Well, it is the end of the first week in December and no snow.  So, a reminder........

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dashees Garden Tuesday 33/crafting

     When my boys were young I would get depressed in the winter.  As a kind of therapy I decided to make a scrapbook filled with decorating ideas that I really liked.  I kept most of my magazines at that time, so I browsed through them and clipped photographs of things I liked.
     I collected the cardboard backings of writing pads, and I used two of these for the cover.  I applied a spray glue and attached some pretty wrapping paper to the outside of each board.  When dry I modge-podged each page.
     I did not use any special paper to fill it...just heavier paper around the house.  I put two holes in each board through which I strung yarn to keep everything together.  Each sheet of paper also had two holes.
     For this project I didn't use archival quality anything.  This was just for fun.  I did use some flower stickers to decorate my pages.
     This would be a fun project for a homemade Christmas present.  It is cheap if you have most of the materials needed.   This might be especially fun for a teen or older child.  It could be called a keepsake book, a mommy retreat book, a "My Likes" book, etc.
     Occasionally I still peruse my book, add something to it, and dream. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

I Don't Get It

     This morning I used the internet to find the location of a parking lot at a college campus.  It took quite a while.  First I had to find a map.  Next I had to figure out which map I wanted.  I finally found a separate link for parking.  That took me to a page which had WAY more info then I wanted, so I had to sift through that.  When I finally found a map with parking lots, I discovered that they were not labelled.  No parking lot B.  At that point I gave up and e-mailed a friend.
     I expected a college campus to be showcasing how to efficiently get info to the public.  Ah, another moment of unfulfilled expectations!  What was I thinking?!  My sister (who works for a university) has warned me about colleges.
     Perhaps campuses are meant to be mysterious.  I never imagined parking lots would be a secretive topic!!  Maybe they could be the topic of a documentary (produced by a university, of course).
     Here is a link that my son forwarded to me.  Explains everything.  Hover over the phrases above the circles.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Musings 11

     Today I have been pondering an experience I had a few years ago.  It occurred while walking our dog along a parkway lined with trees, in spring or fall, I think.
     High in the trees to my left were gathered a few big, noisy black crows.  The cawing of crows is a loud and strident sound, and the noise level of this little group demanded my attention.  I looked up and watched them.  Their appearance and sound was impressive but foreboding.
     As I passed I noticed another bird beyond them, perched on a much lower branch.  It was a catbird, and he was quietly giving quite a concert.  Catbirds are not large birds, and they are not much to look at--just gray. Their song is a series of brief imitations of bird calls and other sounds from the surrounding area, including a distinctive mewing.  They often hide in shrubbery or lower tree branches when singing.  I love listening to catbirds, and since this one was also unexpectedly visible, I enjoyed the moment.
     Sometimes I think about the stark contrast of behaviors I observed that day.  The crows might be likened to the worries, fears, and daily anxieties that sometimes plague each of us, or they might be voices  that invite or influence us to think or do things that are not in our best interest, that are wrong.  The quiet catbird is another voice, perhaps our conscience reminding us of good choices, or lovelier things we could be focusing on.  Perhaps it is the still, small voice of the Spirit. Which one will we choose to listen to, crows or catbirds?
     It seems that the Christmas season is a prime time for crow voices to lure us to their side, so to speak.  They try to divert our attention with the demanding caws of shopping, wrapping, mailing, baking, crafting, partying, eating too many sweets but trying to look good, and the guilt, stress and anxiety that follow.  We need to take time to seek out the catbird songs of gratitude, peace, generosity, and kindness.  We can do this by spending quiet alone time to ponder what this season is really about.  For me, that is taking the time to pray, read scriptures, and remember the true focus of Christmas, Jesus the Christ.  And good music helps!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Treasuries 2

    Just changed my treasury on the right side of this page.  Underneath Christmas Night is a treasury that lists one of my items; it is the gray knit/white lace brooch.    This one was made by Enid.  Fun!

Weekly Music Nugget 36/ The Snowman

     Earlier this week I played a concert in which a children's choir sang Walking in the Air.  I did not recognize it until I heard is the music to the 1982 video The Snowman.  I loved this movie when my boys were small, and I still like to get it out and watch it at this season.  Soon we will have our first snow, I think!!  Here is a link to a YouTube clip of the movie.  Not the best, but the music is so pretty!!

Musioilarose 4

     Last week I bumped my right hand into the corner of a table.  I knew it would bruise and be sore.  I looked up what to do for bruises and applied one drop of DoTerra geranium oil to the spot. bruise....well,  maybe a faint one....had to really look to find it.  And I have not noticed any soreness.  Amazing!!

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