Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dashees Garden Tuesday 33/crafting

     When my boys were young I would get depressed in the winter.  As a kind of therapy I decided to make a scrapbook filled with decorating ideas that I really liked.  I kept most of my magazines at that time, so I browsed through them and clipped photographs of things I liked.
     I collected the cardboard backings of writing pads, and I used two of these for the cover.  I applied a spray glue and attached some pretty wrapping paper to the outside of each board.  When dry I modge-podged each page.
     I did not use any special paper to fill it...just heavier paper around the house.  I put two holes in each board through which I strung yarn to keep everything together.  Each sheet of paper also had two holes.
     For this project I didn't use archival quality anything.  This was just for fun.  I did use some flower stickers to decorate my pages.
     This would be a fun project for a homemade Christmas present.  It is cheap if you have most of the materials needed.   This might be especially fun for a teen or older child.  It could be called a keepsake book, a mommy retreat book, a "My Likes" book, etc.
     Occasionally I still peruse my book, add something to it, and dream. 

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