Monday, December 5, 2011

I Don't Get It

     This morning I used the internet to find the location of a parking lot at a college campus.  It took quite a while.  First I had to find a map.  Next I had to figure out which map I wanted.  I finally found a separate link for parking.  That took me to a page which had WAY more info then I wanted, so I had to sift through that.  When I finally found a map with parking lots, I discovered that they were not labelled.  No parking lot B.  At that point I gave up and e-mailed a friend.
     I expected a college campus to be showcasing how to efficiently get info to the public.  Ah, another moment of unfulfilled expectations!  What was I thinking?!  My sister (who works for a university) has warned me about colleges.
     Perhaps campuses are meant to be mysterious.  I never imagined parking lots would be a secretive topic!!  Maybe they could be the topic of a documentary (produced by a university, of course).
     Here is a link that my son forwarded to me.  Explains everything.  Hover over the phrases above the circles.


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