Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dashees Garden Tuesday 37

     Creating Pinterest boards filled me with many embroidery/sewing  ideas, and I had to try one of them out.  I am making a wool flannel purse.
     I began by making a pattern (I used stiff felt I had; it kind of sticks to the wool).  After cutting out my pieces I drew an embroidery pattern on paper that irons onto the wool and adheres lightly.  It's easy to remove.  Unfortunately I do not remember what it is called....got it at the local JoAnns a few years ago.  It is nice to use if you are embroidering a small project; you just draw your pattern, stitch through it and remove it when done (not easy to remove if stitching is intricate).
    It turned out not to be a good idea for the purse because it kept coming off while I worked.  I only used it for placement of the first wool flower, and I had to cut the flower out of the paper first.  After that I took the paper off and lined up the other flowers with the first.  I referred to the paper design to begin the vines, but then I decided to just do it freehand.  Seems to be working.  Here is what it looks like so far,

          The back side will be similar, and the lining will be felted wool knit.  Nice and cozy!  It is a work in progress, so maybe there will be changes along the way.

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