Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dashees Garden Tuesday 38

       Recently I found a lovely sweater at a thrift store.  I decided that if it did not fit me I would use it to make a bag.  My choice was the latter....
     I am pretty happy with the bag, and it was fun to do.  
     The bag was a cotton sweater so I could not felt it.  After washing, disassembling and pressing the sweater, I made a template and cut out the pieces.  To make the fabric easier to work with I fused the front and back to lining pieces cut from washed gray wool.  The process was OK, but I think it would have been easier to fuse the two fabrics before using the pattern.
     Before sewing the pieces together I "fake" serged the edges (I don't have a serger).  I had to keep cleaning my needle because of accumulating goop from the fusing substance, but it wasn't too much trouble because I did not have many pieces to sew!
     To finish the bag I added gray wool edging to the top, a strap, a button on the outside, and velcro inside to close the bag.
     Note...fusing the sweater fabric to wool resulted in just the right stiffness for a purse.  It is also strong!   I am quite pleased with the result.  I will have to try another bag...

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