Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Musioilarose 5

     During the Christmas season we drove out of town to visit family.  The week before we left I felt myself fighting something that felt like what I call the "creeping crud", a nasty respiratory illness.  I could not get sick...we were leaving town!  I wondered what oils I could use to kill the bug and boost my immunity.
     I did some research online and decided to use what I will call "the big gun".  For me this was a capsule filled with two drops each of frankincense, melaleuca, and oregano oils.  I took one every hour the first day, and about every two hours the next day.  I reduced it further (3-4 x a day) after that. 
     Whoa......I did not get sick!  Seems to have done the trick!!!!!!!!!!!

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