Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Musing 14

     Late this week I listened to a wonderful talk by John Welch on BYU Forums.  It was about stretching ourselves, our minds in particular ( One of the ideas he presented was that thinking is a process of creation.  This implies that we have the power to manipulate our thoughts, or to direct/change them.
     I have been taught the power of thought, but I don't remember ever hearing it referred to as a creative activity.  I like it.  The word creativity implies fun.  I often get my buttons pushed, so to speak, when I hear talks about having a positive attitude, or how important attitudes are.  This approach doesn't do that....progress...the door is opening.
     When I hear talks about attitude change I often end up feeling bad about myself instead of being inspired.  They remind me of my battles with worry and self-confidence (I am getting better), and I begin to doubt.  I get frustrated and discouraged.  Thinking of thought control as creative reminds me of making something from materials on hand, and how fun the process is. In that light thoughts become a real substance that can be manipulated.  I can upcycle them, redirect them, or make something new.  I can make improvements on my product, and it can go on forever.
      Thought creation is a kind of spiritual process.  It precedes creation of the physical.  I suppose God himself began the creation of the world with ideas.
     Lots for my mind to play with!

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